Moss Landing KOA (3)

It’s a KOA. But it’s also not on fire.

Now that was a replenishing weekend! We got out of the smoke and heat and were able to totally unwind on the coast. There was little chance of fire in Moss Landing and the air quality was good enough that we were both able to enjoy some outdoor fun. Plus, hookups and a location near great restaurants. All winning.

Arriving in time for sunset is usually the right call.

I had reserved San Simeon originally, thinking I might be able to take Friday off for the drive down. But given the complexities of distance learning, I’m not sure days off are ever going to be a thing. Maybe at some point, but now is not a good time. So, change of plan and a 2 hour drive, as opposed to 5-6 hours, meant we arrived just in time for sunset. Afterwards, we walked to Whole Enchilada and got take out, which I paired with an icy margarita back in Dory. Now we’re talking.

Not much beats kayaking with these guys.

Saturday Richard was thrilled to see the AQI below 100 so that he could get out on his bike. I went over to the launch at Moss Landing Harbor and spent a couple hours with the seals, pelicans and otters. Nuff said, right? In the afternoon, we got that incredible caramel smothered ginger cake from Haute Enchilada and walked to the beach for another sunset. Then it was time to be confused while watching, “Dark.” I did locate a graphic organizer/family tree/study guide that I think will help us follow that show. Time travel is confusing.

Black Crowned Night Heron

Also on Saturday, we spotted an amazing bird which we later identified as a Black Crowned Night Heron. It was hard to see and way up in a tree across the campground. But it was big enough to notice, and when viewed through binoculars, it had a striking white feather coming down from the back of its head. I had never seen anything like that on a bird and not too many have that feature. Even at a distance, and despite the blurry pictures, I’m fairly confident that’s what it was. Uncommonly cool.

Table leg project: check.

The only other thing worthy of reporting is that we finished the table leg project to a point that I think I could recommend it. As you know, we replaced the table pedestal base with the Lagun swiveling table mount. The only problem is that eventually, the tabletop started to tip on the corner farthest from the mount. We ordered an adjustable leg that is mounted on a hinge to support the corner. We did not want to permanently attach it to the table, because if you bump into it (like every time you’re near it), you will apply a great deal of sideways force. It seemed pretty likely that it would just rip out the screws. Instead, we put velcro on the hinge surface and on the underside of the table. That almost was enough, but not quite as stable as I wanted. So, we then attached the hinge to a larger metal bracket and put the velcro on that. And that is working darn well. To move it, I flip the leg up and it clicks into place (rather frighteningly) through the use of neodymium magnets mounted on the leg and under the table. Some of you may remember my adventures with these magnets and subsequent warnings to take these things very seriously. I may need to replace one of them with a less powerful magnet, but the leg sure does stay in place! Now we’ve got a level table that can still be moved around easily. Nice.

Perfect weekend. Even the somewhat smoky sunset was nice.

I must say, this weekend was a refresher. No nearby fires, no hundred degree heat, just otters, good food and blue sky. Who’d have thought you could have so much camping fun at a KOA?

Total miles: 107.4, 2 hours 54 minutes, 18.1 mpg. Full hookups. Walking distance from beach and restaurants. Pretty good cell service for both, plus KOA wifi.

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