Los Banos Creek

img_8174This was a delightful little find, not too far from home and somewhere we might go for a weekend. Our aim was to get a head start on southward travel Friday so we didn’t have to cover as much ground later. This place clocks in at 112 miles from home and was completely empty on a Friday night. It was cold, mind you, so understandable that the lakeside sites might not have appealed to the masses.

img_8177This campground is a part of the San Luis Recreation Area and is a short detour off Interstate 5. There are no services and the bathrooms are porta potties. We think it is a first come, first serve campground, but we could be wrong there. On arrival around 4, we got the pick of sites and the guy at the kiosk recommended #1. It’s the only one right on the water and it was quite nice, with its own ramada (I learned what a ramada is too, thanks Google).

img_8185Richard joined me for a night walk and we got to put our OLights to use. I also got to wear my sleeping bag jacket and that baby will keep away any chills. We could see I5 and the lights of Los Banos, as well as lots of stars. Fun!

The next morning we made tracks further south and Richard rode out of the campground. Besides one shallow water crossing, it was an uneventful departure. I amused myself with the sign stating that was a “Detention Reservoir.” Somewhere out there are some very naughty fish.

Lat note: captain’s chair is fully installed and such an improvement. Very comfortable and it improves the storing of things around me. It’s my nook of happiness. Southward for Winter Break!

Total miles: 112.2, 17.3 mpg, 3 hours 15 min. Site 1. No hookups, weak LTE for both at the water, but 4 bars once you climb a little out of the valley.

6 thoughts on “Los Banos Creek

  1. Hi there – this might be on the Altoistes threads somewhere – but where is that chair in your Alto? Replacing one of the kitchenette seats? Just trying to picture…and it’s very impressive! 🙂 (We’re picking up our 2114 from BC in June! YAY!) And we live in Santa Rosa, CA – you’re close-by? Seems many of your weekend ventures are near us… Thanks for the wonderful posts!

    1. Hi there! Yes, this replaces one of the from dinette benches. The front benches are longer in a 2114, just FYI. We’re in Lafayette and go to your side of the bay quite often!

  2. OOH! I’d LOVE to come see your camper some time when you’re over on this side of the Bay….would that be possible? If so, you can let me know when you’ll be where – hmm – until Feb 4 when we’re gone for 5 weeks…but we come and go a lot (which is why life is about to get WAYT BETTER with Topaz, our 2114) Should I get you my email? Or……

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