Folsom Lake (3)

img_8065Neighbor: Did you really come back for one day and then set off again?! Me: Two nights. To be accurate.

So how was the lake? No idea. Didn’t even see it. Didn’t hardly leave Dory cause it was raining and we melt in water. Pretty much all we did was sleep in, watch “The Crown,” and do a proof of concept test on a new seating idea.

img_8066I have found that long stints of typing, even with a butt cushion thingy, can lead to a sore back. I did lots of thinking and web searching, and ended up ordering a boat seat that is supposedly good for backs. To try it out properly, we needed to remove the seat cushion/bench and put in a plank of wood for the thing to sit on. First round of testing seems very promising. The next step is to order a custom piece of polyurethane, like a huge cutting board cut to fit. Then we can bolt the seat onto that. Or bolt on a swivel mount. We can try each and see what’s better. I shall report back with “after” photos. It requires the abandonment of being able to use that area as a single bed, but we don’t seem to have that many overnight guests, so I think we’re good.

img_8064In other news, nightly Yoga is back as a non negotiable and it turns out I can do the whole routine, minus one move, in the back of Dory while Richard takes a shower. My Yoga mat is now adorably small. And I can even close the Sad Room curtains and do Sad Yoga, as needed.

All I need now is to bolster my courage to do Sad Walking. It’s raining outside, you guys, and like really cold. Maybe 50. I know, I know. Ok fine, whatever. I’ll order five more jackets. Meanwhile, wish me luck.

Total miles: 100.1, 2 hours 28 min, 17.6 mpg. Site 53, full hookups, even good sewer. Great LTE. Still best site in terms of space from other campers. Folsom would be a fun area even outside a trailer. We think.

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