Wright’s Beach (5)

Xmz2a1HwTT2mn2GUPeCfkwI earned this one. Whether through stressful situations beyond my control, or catastrophes entirely of my own making, the end of last week sent me searching for a large rock under which I could live for a while. The longer, the better. What perfect timing that we happened to have a premium site reserved at my favorite spot on the planet.

fullsizeoutput_1317I don’t have much new information to share, just a reconfirmation that the ocean can wash away all sins. I left the site once to get dinner on Saturday. Otherwise, I got to hang out listening to the gentle sound of the surf. Yeah, there was a report mixed in there, but also walks on the beach, sunsets, even a whale spotted off the coast.

DecCLFy3R3OKqfmG1dpPzwSince the closure from last spring, they still have not repaired the damaged culvert on the entrance road, but they allow you to drive around it. They’ve also done quite a bit of work in thinning the vegetation. Site 4, for example, used to have a thickly obstructed view of the ocean, due to all of the bushes. Now there’s less of a barrier to the view, but also less division between it and site 3. All in all, it’s an improvement, but it has somewhat reduced the privacy between several of the sites. Didn’t bother me, but thought I’d mention it.

g7ImMnIFQ9mQi2G3h8QhQgPlaces like these make it very easy to be present in the moment. I have a couple more reservations on the books and I started wondering whether I’d gotten too many. Like would I eventually get sick of it? Would I ruin it? As I sat there semi napping, occasionally looking out to see the spray from a large crash of waves, I thought to myself: that is the most ridiculous worry I have ever had.

Richard may well get sick of his boho bike ride out there, but I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of this place. Status: healed and humble. Onward.

Total miles: 93.6, 15.2 mpg, 2 hours 46 min. Site 3. No hookups. Excellent solar. No ATT service until you drive closer to Bodega Bay. Verizon LTE above the campground on Highway 1. No dump. No showers. Nice bathrooms. Dump for free at Bodega Dunes.

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