Half Moon Bay (6)

img_3628Even though we count ourselves lucky to be able to go out year round, winter is still able to get in some solid licks. This trip to Half Moon Bay was a last minute consolation reservation after my sweet, sweet, lakeside site at Clear Lake got cancelled due to flooding. You know that rush you get when you are able to grab a really hard to get site? I’ve lost three of those this winter and it’s bummin’ me out, man! Still. A Half Moon Bay ocean front site is nothing to sneeze at, and we made the best of our time there.

img_3652I had planned to take Friday fully off so we could extend our Clear Lake joy. That didn’t work out, but the site I got was available Friday – Sunday nights, so I was able to do a switch and take Monday off instead. You can’t argue with three day weekends, so all’s well.

We did the usual, ate in places I’ve already mentioned, and watched a lot of rain come down. One place that was new for us was Tres Amigos, which is walking distance from the campground. The food was great, and the churros were made fresh. Delicious and crispy outside, but still warm and gooey inside, mmmmm…….

img_3647This remains a dependable location to enjoy a weekend. Yes, I was bummed when the other places closed (especially Wright’s Beach. ouch.). When I saw the call come in from an 800 number and figured it was from a flooded CA state park, I went, “NOOOOOO!” out loud. But I also recall thinking, “I wish we had some really fun place we could always count on, even if it’s raining all weekend.” Maybe this is our place.

Total miles: 57.5, 15.6 mpg, 1 hour 47 min. Site 24, premium. Electric hookups. Good dump on site. LTE for both.



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