Half Moon Bay (5)

img_3442Coworker: What adventure do you have planned for this weekend? Me: Storms in Half Moon Bay. That about sums it up. Did that ruin the weekend? Nope. Would we have felt differently if we only went out twice a year? Probably. One of the benefits of going out so often is that there are no expectations riding on anything. So if we just want to hang out, run the heater, and watch the rain from inside, that is a perfect weekend.

img_3438I will say the winds got serious Friday night and we both woke up from the buffeting. I wasn’t worried about flipping over or anything, but you could feel the whole trailer rocking. Saturday we ventured out during a break in the rain for a romantic walk on the beach. Pro tip: romance can only be enhanced by the continuous blasting of sand in one’s face, carried by 40 mph winds. We did get a fair test of my new Patagonia Down Sweater and it kept me nice and warm. Richard gets his down puffy in a week or so, so we’ll be fully outfitted for Winter by the time Spring arrives.

img_3427Not much to report. We got take out dinner again from Ark Indian Restaurant, and stopped for lunch at La Mordida Taqueria on our way out of town. Bonus points for the latter: they are located in a large parking lot area with ample double spaces for trailers. The food was also delicious and service was fast, so it’s not just about parking.

We do love Half Moon Bay as a destination. One of these days, I’ll snag a site with a direct ocean view, rather than your standard big rig neighbor view. But it’s close, has a beach, hookups, and ample choices for excellent dining. We got a good sized puddle right next to us but this was as bad as it got. It did make it kind of an adventure challenge to get in and out the door each time. Good times.

Total miles: 51.8, 16.4 mpg, 1 hour 53 min with traffic. Site 11. Electric hookups, solar, nice bathrooms, strong LTE for both, plus pretty good state park Wifi.


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