Emma Wood SB

2a5caokytqea2ey0yhz01aOnce we started to reconsider our reservations in Joshua Tree, I jumped online earlier in the week and reserved a “Plan B” site in Morro Bay for five whole nights. We tossed around other ideas, but ended up not wanting to try any of the national parks during the chaos of the shutdown.

So westward we headed, following the second Linda since she was going back home that way too. She suggested Emma Wood as an overnight stop before heading up the coast. It was about a three hundred mile day, but worth it. Along the coast near Ventura, there are several campgrounds that line the waterfront and are mostly packed with big RVs. Emma Wood is at least not right on the highway and also wasn’t too packed, despite it being New Year’s Eve. We were taking a gamble there because all the sites are first come, first served. The gamble paid off and we made it with enough time to get settled before being treated to a spectacular sunset. 1jwolsmqtsughcma7bcprwI took way too many pictures, as is my way, and had a hard time deleting any. Linda pulled in just at the tail end of the show and we gathered again in her little big rig for one last New Year’s toast.

There are no services at this place, but there are porta potties right at the entrance. We were warned not to leave things unattended outside because there have been reported thefts. 8043d1b6-1053-462f-8fa3-29cfa2f92f9bOh right, there is also a train that runs immediately next to the sites. Some might think this would make sleeping difficult, but on the contrary, Richard got his best night’s sleep in days, apparently lulled by the sound of the surf, periodically punctuated by the roar and rumble of the Amtrak express. We’d stay there again on the way from here to there because you really can’t beat the view. Thanks for the recommendation Linda!

Total miles from Hole in the Wall: 306.0m 17.4 mpg, 5 hours 43 min. Site 82 way at the end. No services. Porta potties by the kiosk. LTE for both of us, and full solar. High waves can sometimes close loops, so pay attention to forecasts.

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