Butano (2)

img_2473I’m catching up on this post from last week. Butano State Park is a perfect little fairy wonderland of a place. The campground is one of those deep redwoods places where you are enveloped in a blanket of cool, quiet, peaceful forest beauty. The drive there hits one of the most impressive sections of the California coastline. It’s difficult to reserve and the campground is closed in the winter, but it’s well worth the effort to snag a site.

img_2472Some of the sites are quite unlevel, and now that we’ve ditched the BAL, we’ve come to appreciate the Lynx levelers a lot. We do need to invest in a tongue jack stand of some kind though, because we were a little tippy even with the jack cranked up to its max. Most of the sites are spacious and offer privacy on at least one side. Some are clearly only suitable for tent campers because they’re so steep.

img_2477For this visit, we checked out the Little Butano Creek trail, which was pretty easy and entirely shaded. There were some climbs, but they were short, and the natural air conditioning of the redwoods kept it cool the whole way. At the end of the trail, there is a power station of some kind. That was a mystery we have not yet solved. I suspected it was for some kind of water pump to supply fire equipment, but that’s just a guess.

Sunday we sat and talked with our morning coffee, but then strangely veered off course and headed into the stupidest argument ever over some Facebook video. What a silly waste of time that was and a ridiculous way to close the weekend. Upon reflection, we think we may be experiencing “wtf is wrong with the world” tension, which is seeping into our reactions to mundane posts in unexpected ways. Dory gives us blissful respite from world events just long enough to keep us afloat and escape the madness one weekend at a time. But there is no denying it’s out there. Yes, we recovered and yes, it’s all fine, but it was one of those times that makes you go, “Wow, what was that all about?” Happily, I get to follow this post with a fully normal weekend report. We did keep checking in with each other though on whether or not we should argue over things like- how do house boats dump their tanks, or do we like the actress in “Downton Abbey.” Don’t worry, it’s all good.

Total miles: 75.8, 15.9 mpg, 2 hours 25 min. Site 2. Other good sites: 1, 2*, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 & 11 (next to bathroom), 13, 14, 16*, 20. NOT good: 3, 15, 17.

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