Collins Lake (2)

img_2384I had a feeling this place was going to become one of my favorites. When we first checked it out last Spring, the lake was at its highest point, which was lovely, but it was also raining steadily when we were there. This weekend’s temperatures were perfect. And though the lake was much lower, we still were able to get a site where I could easily get my boat to the water for a paddle.

img_2386The drive there on Friday was on the long side, almost 3 1/2 hours, with traffic and all, but still not bad enough to rule out weekend trips. I’d noted the site we reserved as a good one, and it really was fantastic. It is meant for a large RV to pull forward into, so the hookups are on the lefthand side. We weren’t planning to drive anywhere, so we just pulled forward and did some CM maneuvering to get the right Dory view. There was lots of room and plenty of distance and privacy from other sites.

img_2385The campground was pretty full, and it’s an enormous campground. I think on the order of 500 sites, some with hookups, some not, many along the edge with water views. With the lake as low as it was, there really weren’t any sites better situated for kayak launching, but there were many where you could walk your boat down the slope to the water. There were lots of families and groups and gave the place a very festive feel. We liked it. If you’re looking for remote and away from people, this is not the place for you unless it’s in the very off season. We didn’t feel crowded or hemmed in by our neighbors, but again, we got a great site, so I’m sure that makes a difference.

After dinner, we walked over to the campground office/store/ice cream place where there is good wifi and, you know, ice cream. I got a multi-scoop waffle cone and was certain I would never be able to finish it. I asked for a cup so I could put the part I didn’t finish into the freezer. But then I had a snaccident and finished the whole thing. It was chocolate fudge brownie, by the way, and really good.img_2391

Saturday Richard went out for a ride and I did a report before getting in the water for a nice paddle. The weather was perfect and I bobbed around for several hours. Richard helped me carry the boat up to our site when I was done, and we went back over to the store to get our fix of internet. Oops, too much internet. Good thing I brought emergency supplies to counter bad news on the internet. img_2395Back to radio silence and a couple episodes of “The Crown.” Good show, that (said with just a hint of a British accent, because that’s my new goal in life).

img_2396Our drive home Sunday was also over three hours, and there wasn’t more than usual traffic (though there was a slow down passing by a huge brush fire), so I think that’s just what it will take. It’s a destination that is well worth it though and I think we’re going to be seeing a lot more of it. With hookups by the water, this is one of my all time primo sites. And there is even shade (and AC) so summer visits would not be out of the question.

Total miles: 134.6, 15.5 mpg, 3 hours 24 min. Site 52. Love it. Shady site, so no solar. No cell service at the lake, didn’t try to boost. Good wifi at the office. 4 good dumps by the entrance. Electric and water hookups at the site. Vault toilet with water flush.

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