Rockport SP

shVhH32LRfO+vUy4teQ8TQWe exited Wyoming today with no great fanfare and entered Utah. I suppose you could count Little America as some fanfare, though a stretch to call it great. We did have the soft serve ice cream for 75 cents, so that’s something. The only other notable event of the drive was the observation that Utah rest stops seem far less desolate than the ones in Wyoming.

js7trfd6TPKVx3b9HgylbAWe again were able to find a pretty nice place not too far off the highway in the form of Rockport State Park. This is on the stretch of 80 just before it winds down through the mountains into Salt Lake City. Rockport Reservoir is visible from the road, but the state park entrance is all the way at the bottom.

0FKffdPdQCiVZ999JR462gWe’d called in the morning and were told there were still lots of sites free, including a couple with partial hookups. So we set that as our target and traveled an easy 278 miles to arrive in the afternoon. The water level is noticeably low, like something out of the California drought playbook. We heard the level was at 61% and that made getting to the water a bit trickier than I wanted to manage with the kayak. Still, we had a nice view, and AC, so all was fine and dandy.

We had to face the fact that the end of our journey is approaching and we plotted out the remaining few days. We know it will be a slog across Nevada and it is supposed to get pretty darn hot. There do appear to be hookup RV places along the way, but it’s not going to be pretty. However, we can delay by a day the travel across the salt flats without getting into mileage trouble. For now, Utah is nice and service is strong.

Total miles: 278.3, 17.3 mpg, 5 hours 14 min. Juniper campground site 24. Electric and water. Good dump. Nice clean bathrooms with showers. Sites spaced out pretty well with picnic tables and shade shelters. Strong LTE for both.

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