Curt Gowdy SP

8E65ED9C-AA8D-4E00-9F95-1A0C3CCDC5DFWe began the day with a very large frog hopping around under Dory and ended the day with geese and a bunny hanging around our site. We’re taking the slow, scenic path home, using Interstate 80 as our guide, but finding ways to veer off at anything interesting.

Today’s choice was a state park just past Cheyenne. There are two reservoirs here and most sites are first come, first serve. They are very laid back here and they tell you at the Visitor Center to just find a site and pay when you want, or on your way out. Ours is right by the water, so we relaxed and watched the wildlife.77B09A40-A8AE-40E0-A427-069074752671

Occasionally, the sky would open up and there would be a short period of heavy wind and rain. And then just like that, all clear. On the road we got to drive through one of those short but intense bursts and I could definitely feel the wind pushing at me sideways.


It’s a nice park and would be a fun place for boating, swimming, or hiking around. In fact, we toyed with the idea of staying two nights. But there are still many miles between here and home, and though I don’t think we need to push it, we probably should keep the forward momentum going.

Total miles: 120.8, 16.7 mpg, 2 hours 35 min. Heckla Point site 13. No hookups but good solar. Vault toilets. 2 bars LTE for both. Visitor Center is nice with maps of trails, mostly for mountain bikes.

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