Cumberland Bay SP

img_0939As much as the previous day was a challenge, this day was an absolute pleasure. We took the scenic route (fully researched and agreed upon ahead of time) through the central part of the Adirondacks and toward the point on Highway 89 that was as close as we could get without crossing the border.

img_0919This is such a wonderful area. The roads were almost entirely smooth and recently paved, so the driving was easy. There are a few little tiny towns scattered around, but mostly this is a forest road that takes you along endless rivers and sparkling lakes.

On the advice of the owner of a little store we found, we stopped for a quick hike to Auger Falls. This was a nice break and a good way to stretch the legs for about a half hour.img_0909

Highway 89 is pretty scenic itself and we could tell we were approaching Canada as all of the road signs began appearing in French as well as English. We make a quick gas shopping stop before rolling into the campground at Cumberland Bay SP. Much to our delight, someone had just departed, leaving a premium site at the water available for one night. I kind of think this was the Universe’s way of rewarding us for getting through the day before.

img_0932We briefly debated whether to use the Caravan Mover, but with a site like this, you have to take full advantage of the view. We spun Dory and enjoyed dinner and the sunset while gazing out at Lake Champlain. The lake is so big, it’s hard to believe it is not the ocean. There are even little seashells on the beach. The water is warm and we loved letting our feet sink into the sand at the edge of the water. It was a 12 on a scale of 1-10.

This will be our last night in the U.S. for a while. We’re both nervous about the border crossing and I’ve been disposing of lots of wine ‘overage’ for the past week.img_0928

Total miles: 286.9, 17.0 mpg, 6 hours 33 min. The sites right by the water do not have hookups, but there was availability with electric hookups. Nice dump station and beautiful new bathroom facilities. This would be a perfect location for a long stay. LTE for both of us and stores nearby.

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  1. I love your honesty in your posts and can fully related having just completed a 36 night Alto trip. We crossed twice into Canada and wondered about our wine and exactly how much is too much to bring in. ( wine, beer etc is less expensive in the US in my opinion) I gleamed from one of the crossings that a simple ‘all alcohol onboard is for our personal consumption ‘seemed to satisfy the officials. The other area of concern was ‘knives, guns and pepper spray which I answered ‘no’ totally forgetting about the bear spray purchased in Glacier National. Oops. Oh well…

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