Wheel-in Campground

1F872D57-6D43-4400-8F2C-62526894535CYet another three state day. Today’s participants on the Bingo board were: Ohio, West Virginia (that was a surprise), and Pennsylvania. We traveled through two big cities: Columbus and Pittsburgh, with all the traffic and highway mazes one would expect. In between, we enjoyed the green, rolling hills, filled with colorful displays of wildflowers. It’s hard for me to believe they just grow this way out here. But I remind myself that this part of the country gets a lot more rain than we do.

We had a general direction we wanted to go, and some good friends who happened to fit right into our route planning. On their suggestion, we headed toward a place called the Wheel-in Campground, not too far from their home in Indiana, Pennsylvania (confusing, no?).

D9E44B07-0EDE-4DEE-9370-8786829F258BThey gave us a tour of their city, which by the way, is the birthplace of Jimmy Stewart. It is a charming place, with many buildings erected in the 1800s still standing. Some have been well restored, including the old court house building, which got a nice gold leaf job for its bell tower a few years back. Many of the historic old houses downtown have been lovingly maintained and help to create an overall feel of a window into the past kind of place. Yes, there are hip, modern restaurants, supported by hip college kids, but the first impression is that this is a quaint and lovely little town. We enjoyed every minute with our lovely friends.5A25B619-8DD9-4453-B066-C23B3E372495

Total miles: 282.2, 16.3 mpg, 6 hours 5 min. Friendly staff, popular riverside campground. Electric site. Campground WiFi, bathrooms, LTE for Verizon, not much for ATT.

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