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w%WG7TNJSnmaq1rlGEO8OAThis is what we affectionately refer to as a “stupid stop.” After a bout of long distance traveling and boondocking, we love nothing more than these stopovers at KOAs. First and foremost, we get to run the air conditioner unreservedly. We use the wifi. We open and close the refrigerator without hurrying to keep the cold air in. We turn on lights when we don’t need them. And we do laundry. We are obviously cutting edge adventure travelers here.

nc53Ps7ZQtCVlr2NsoGwZgOh yeah, and we go out to dinner, go grocery shopping, and do a different kind of hiking through Targets, Cabelas, and Walmarts. This trip to Walmart included the purchase of a string of LED lights to replace our dearly departed wax candles. It’s ok. Does the job. I prefer the look of the candles, but concede that it’s just not practical.

4XizclJ5SbmvSrpQBvbBsAI should back up and say that we started the travel day with Richard getting to bike along Highway 128 from Moab. I recommend that stretch of road. It hugs the Colorado River until the last ten or so miles and makes for a lovely way to head back up to 70.

In all seriousness, these stupid stops are really important when you’re out for an extended time. It’s a chance to catch your breath and be boring for a little bit. That way, you can be more fully present when you’re on the go in the spectacular spots.

From here, we head to a week long Altoistes rally, aka an “Altogather.” Get it? I did not coin the phrase, but enjoy saying it. I’m really looking forward to meeting online facebook people in person. Until then, let the cold winds blow!

C3397F3C-E712-4A33-8FB7-495CC3B3B23EAdditional: After I posted the above, we went out to grab some dinner. Except, on the way, I thought it would be a fun idea to drive over to the Colorado National Monument we’d seen brown signs for. That turned out to be one of the most terrifying drives I have yet done. Thank goodness we did not blithely take Dory up that road. As soon as we started up the steep switch backs, it was really too late to turn around. F6B1A8C8-E827-49DB-8B33-D16BF7AA1DE8We were committed, like it or not, until we made it all the way up and to an overlook point. I’m wondering how it compares to Highway 12, the route I specifically chose to avoid. In any case, I made it! And we didn’t fall to our deaths! Now I’m a precipitous cliff driving expert! … No, no I’m not at all. It was all I could do to keep calm and just repeatedly point out how nice and paved the road was.

Interesting local legend: DDCC218D-9F90-4689-ADC0-09BF52B9446DWhen we pulled over to let me wipe off my sweaty palms, we met a guy who was collecting dirt in a jar. Turns out there is a local story that says once you fall in love with the area of Grand Junction, you can never leave. Or if you do, you will have to return. However, to break the curse, you can collect dirt from four distinct areas from the grand valley, and take it with you. The guy said he was in the Marines and was about to ship out soon. So he was collecting dirt to take with him. Interesting!

89D0C6C4-D7C6-49BD-AFD2-602D5BC626966374E072-9EF1-4AEF-8A54-3E53EE5D6750Last addendum: The city of Grand Junction is the first place I’ve ever driven that requires strong number sense with fractions. Who names their streets 24 3/4 Street?

Total miles from Arches: 126.4, 17.5 mpg, 4 hours, 29 minutes. This is a fine and dandy KOA. Nice bathrooms, pool, good laundry facilities. It’s what you expect from a KOA.

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  1. Hi — I am thrilled to find your blog. I have been researching small trailers and towing vehicles and recently fell in virtual love with the Alto trailer with reclining roof. We have also been leaning towards Acura SUV even though it is a little above our usual auto budget which leans more towards used Prius:-). We live in the Bay Area and I think you might live in the general area as well. So…..I wondered if there is any way that we could see your Alto in person without inconveniencing you too much. We would be willing to drive to a campground while you were there if that was preferable. I don’t want to impose on your privacy too much. Please feel free to say no. Either way, your blog has already been very helpful and I am looking forward to reading more.

    1. Hi Debbie! We would be very happy to show you our Alto, no imposition at all. As you can see, we are on the road for a while, so we’d have to connect when we’re home. If you’re on Facebook, I recommend you join the Altoistes group. You can also find me there. Feel free to private message me or send me an email – You clearly are a person with good taste. 😉

  2. Debbie…I’m in Denver visiting friends (until July 1). Are you anywhere nearby? I purchased an Alto but am waiting for delivery (July 2019). Would love to meet you and Dory. Let me know. Thanks. Judy

    1. Hi, assuming you are talking to Alissa. 🙂 We won’t get as far as Denver, but the closest we’d be passing through for you is Colorado Springs. But there are other Altoistes in your area! If you contact Safari Condo, they will put you in touch with an owner nearby. Also, you can join the Facebook Altoistes group and you might have some luck there.

      1. Wow am I embarrassed. So sorry Alissa! Colorado Springs is not that far. Would you be up for a visit on Saturday if you are there? Found the Facebook group. And I’ve seen the Alto but my friends wanted to see it. Totally up to you. Thanks for considering.

      2. No worries! 🙂 We will be going through on Sunday. Send me a PM and we’ll see if we can sync up timing.

      3. Hi Judy, we are passing through Colorado Springs, staying only tonight. I’m not sure if that will work, but I thought I’d let you know.

      4. No worries. We had to fly home to Mew Jersey today. Enjoy your travels.

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