Lake Solano (2)

YuHKoj2mRLKxNJbz6dDA0QWell, this was certainly a nice site. Why do we not come here more often, I wonder? It has electric and water hookups, primo bike rides, river access, and a fun little town nearby to explore. It has all the makings of a go-to favorite and is only a mere 60 miles from home. Plus, wandering peacocks as an added bonus.

Temperatures this weekend hit the triple digits, so summer is officially underway. Not to worry though. We just ran the AC until we were chilly. No sense actually roughing it when you’re camping. Richard hit the road early on Saturday in order to get his biking in before noon.

Q7yL0pHlTJWV1Ixs6RaNaAI, on the other hand, took advantage of the natural coolant of the river and launched right from our site. There was a lot of duck weed near the bank, but it was plenty deep enough to float right on out. Putah Creek has a nice, gentle current, so I just paddled upstream until I got to a point when I wanted to turn around. Then I let the river slowly float me back. I spied many young geese and a couple of big jumping fish. The water was clear enough to see the plants growing up from the river floor and any time I got hot, I just splashed some cool, refreshing river water on my sleeves. Bliss.

+fAgxIyATYGdQafteM8jrQSaturday, after nappy time, we headed into the town of Winters for dinner. There are lots of cute restaurants to check out in the central square, including a place that makes pizzas outdoors in a wood oven on wheels. We chose Chuys Taqueria and then The Scoop for a bit of fro-yo.

Our experiment this weekend was to test drive a new cellular booster antenna. The primary motivation here is to make working on the road as doable as possible for Richard this summer. Thumbs way up for the Sure Call Fusion2Go RV! xhYnPPg5TsaZEdSNWghAPQWe will fine tune the antenna set up, but for our trial run, we stuck it up a tree, ran the cable through the back window and inside to connect to the booster. Voila! tdrDr+n2Qj6NSyIq793FQwWhen an iPhone is placed on a little pad, known as the “candy bar,” the cell signal is immediately improved. Verizon went from 1 bar of 1x to 3-4 bars of LTE and ATT went from either 1 bar of 4g or No Service to 2 bars of LTE. Pretty impressive! Using iPhones as our Wifi hot spots, we were able to enjoy full connectivity. And that means we can use the set up as long as there is at least a weak signal for either Verizon or ATT.

uJ622pzkQAG92rWyoU66uwThis weekend is the last trip out before the summer! I will be giving Dory a good washing, plus we have a list of little projects to do before we hit the road. One of the items was to find a better way to store the BAL Leveler and that was accomplished through the clever use of a pizza delivery bag. Apparently this solution is so common, if you search for the BAL on Amazon, this pizza bag will pop up as a “frequently purchased together” item. Mmmm, hot fresh leveling.

This is going to be a big summer and it’s starting to get exciting!

Total miles: 65.8 (taking the long scenic route on Hwy 121), 16.0, 2 hours 6 min. Site: 25. Great site! Water and electric hookups in some sites, as well as river access. Normally not great service for either ATT or Verizon, unless you’re cheating. Other nice sites: 36, 37, 26, 14, 25*. Bathrooms, showers, dump. Peacocks. Why?

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