Half Moon Bay (4)

IMG_1554Aaaaahhhhhh. What a crazy-lazy, weekend that was. The longer daylight hours definitely help when it comes to Friday afternoon/evening arrivals. The sunset is now close to 8pm, so anywhere within a two hour radius from home makes for an easy set up on arrival. This particular arrival greeted us with a little mystery. Someone had left an entire set of brand new camping equipment in our site. IMG_1534There were a couple of matching chairs, a charcoal grill (complete with an unopened bag of charcoal), a little camping broom, and an unopened bundle of firewood. At first, it looked like someone thought this was their site and would be returning to either confusion or disappointment. However, no one ever came. Much speculation ensued and we made up a whole elaborate fictional story, tragically ending in someone coming to the sudden realization that they just really hate camping. The campground host had a more mundane hypothesis that someone had rented an RV, stocked up for the trip, and abandoned the accessories once they were done. She assured us the items would be donated, along with all of the collected beach toys, umbrellas, etc., to the next needy camper.

IMG_1549I was in the mood for easy dinner, so Richard went out and brought back a curry. Then it was all about watching the sunset from inside Dory, drinking wine, and listening to some tunes. The next morning we slept in and spied on our neighbors. A lot. With binoculars even. Don’t judge. This campground tends to have lots of really big rigs and some of them can be veryexpensive. IMG_1538We were mesmerized by one particular guy who was watching TV from his camping chair outside. He spent much time adjusting the awning to prevent glare on the screen. The TV itself was housed behind an outdoor hatch. Behind another hatch was apparently a fridge because he kept getting up and retrieving things from it. “OMG, is that an ice machine?!” we said, from behind the binoculars. Yes, he seemed to be moving ice from one hatch and into the fridge in the other. Eventually, he had moved enough things around that he ended up with what looked like a Bloody Mary. We were impressed. And anyway, people come right up to Dory all the time and take pictures, even with us sitting inside, so it seems only fair we should get to enjoy our view.

IMG_1543Richard went on a long bike ride Saturday and I lazed away the entire morning. Eventually I got myself to the beach, where I just sat and stared for a couple of hours. I did spy a whale quite close to shore, and a seal riding the waves, shouting “Dude! Righteous!” (I assume).

IMG_1555Saturday night was dinner out again and movies on our big screen. Someone was asking about our setup, so I snapped some pictures. Our system includes:

iPad movies are officially ruined for us now. Great weekend to laze around.

Total miles: 56.6, 16.3 mpg, 1 hour 29 min. Site: 42. Electric hookups, but so much solar, we didn’t even plug in. Water spigots nearby, dump, bathrooms with showers.


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