Wright’s Beach (3 & 4)

IMG_0883This is the second time I will be making a combo, 2-weekends-in-a-row post. It’s not the sign of a new trend, but rather the result of being overly excited when I saw a cancellation for a premium site at Wright’s and booked before I realized I had previously made reservations for the following weekend six months ago. I remember saying to Richard, “I hope you like the beach as much as I do.” and he found that to be a very strange question.

IMG_0872I think I can officially state that this is my all time favorite campground. We got site 9 the first weekend and site 3 the next. As long as you get 1-10 (but not 2 because it is an accessible site) (and maybe not 4 because the bushes obscure the view of the ocean), you are going to have an unsurpassed view of the ocean. My all time favorite thing to do in life is to grill dinner while watching the sunset over the ocean. Richard still insists on donning solar glasses for sunset viewing and he’ll probably have the last laugh when I go sunset blind.

53998911587__84AB36AB-1231-4F43-9046-56BB1ACF0106Both weekends, he got to do a ride up Bay Hill Road and along “Boho” (that’s what the cool kids call the Bohemian Highway). The second weekend, he unexpectedly joined up with a big organized ride called “The Grasshopper.”

IMG_0913While he was out biking on the second weekend, I got a huge treat. Two of my workplace BFFs came and hung out with me on the beach and I got to do some Dory entertaining. This was a new thing for me, so I bought and made a ton more food than was necessary. But one of the BFFs is expecting, and the other one has been good for far too long, so I felt it was important to overfeed them. Enthusiastic thumbs up for using the TJs muffin mix to make a blueberry coffee cake. Also, I got a tiny cast iron skillet that I used to cook up some mushrooms and bell peppers that were used to make grilled Naan pizzas. YUM.

IMG_0929We spotted three T@Bs this weekend, which is unusual, and one of them belonged to an Altoiste, so that was fun to meet her in person. We also gave lots of Dory tours and one of them scored us a bottle of privately produced Napa wine. Can I somehow turn camping into a career?

IMG_0836The latest in kitchen tweaking is that I got two acrylic display shelves and used them as brackets to suspend cutting boards. You’d be surprised what a difference a tiny thing like this can make, and also, how many times it is possible in one weekend to comment on how much better the gadget organization is. Last thing to note is that we have decided the solar panels only work when you have a generator. And by that I mean that, if you carry a generator with you, the sun will shine and you will not need to use it.

It does not get better than this in my book. Great weekends, both.

Total miles: 88.5, 2 hours 40 min, 15.5 mpg. Only occasional Verizon down at the beach, no ATT until you get closer to Bodega Bay.

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