Brannan Island (4)

IMG_0234This was a nice three day weekend to connect with our brave, tent camping, BFFs. It was also a nice time to try out one of the non hookup sites at Brannan Island because the weather wasn’t too hot. One thing you really have to keep in mind about this place: the water is seriously gross, so fill tanks beforehand. They tell people that the water gets tested frequently and that it is “safe,” but… seriously. The color of the water makes it look like the toilets have not been flushed. I’d rather not shower in that, thanks.

IMG_0231Our buddies got there before we did and saved us a sweet spot by the water and with plenty of solar. This loop of the campground seems to be the wild bunny zone. The hookup area is apparently designated for feral cats, and further on is clearly the ground squirrel habitat. I’m not sure how all the creatures keep their territories straight, but there must be signs somewhere, telling them where their boundaries lie.

IMG_0214For Thursday dinner, we had a Blue Apron vs. Chili camping cookoff contest in Dory. You gotta love the huge aluminum camping pot vs nesting stainless steel Magma cookware. Obviously, they win, just based on their strategic use of camping head lanterns. Did not see that move coming.

IMG_0228Friday was a holiday for me, but not so much for Richard, so everyone but him went out for a bike ride along the delta. There was a small chance of rain in the forecast, and “small” ended up meaning “only for the duration of the ride.” It was actually a nice drizzle and right about the time I was feeling like not being drizzled on, we were back at camp. Then our buds headed back home.

Saturday I wrote a report and Richard went out on a non drizzly ride. I pondered getting out in my boat, but chose napping instead. We also met up with some Altoistes who had just taken delivery of their 1723, so we spent time doing mutual tours and tips. Theirs has the spiffy new combination heating system, so we got to ooh and ahh over that. They also have the newer version of the rear view camera and we officially like that one better. Good thing we’re already planning to return to the mothership in Quebec next summer. We might be able to get up some upgrades.

Nice weekend and this remains a dependably pleasant and very close by place.

Site 31 this time. Very nice, plenty of solar, by the water, good space and privacy.



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  1. Looking forward to meeting you next July! I’m sure you have thought of this but if you are planning any upgrades while at the Rally, I’m betting you won’t be the only ones. So better book early!

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