Sunset SB (2)

IMG_0087This was a return visit to one of my favorite places. It isn’t difficult to guess why this particular location would appeal to me either. I’m not even going to say it, that’s how obvious it is.

Traffic was heavy Friday, but we pulled in to our site shortly after sunset. Saturday was designated boating and biking day. We definitely enjoyed the blue skies and break from the smoke coming from poor Napa. 🙁 There isn’t much to report about the Elkhorn Slough beyond the fact that it is a fantastic place to spend a day. No otters tried to board my kayak this time, but there were plenty out there. So adorable.


img_1088IMG_1782-1When we were last in this area, Richard got thwarted from biking due to a stunning loss of roadway. That winter did a lot of damage, but on the upside, there are some beautifully paved rides now.

Saturday night I cooked Blue Apron but really wanted to see the sunset (it is the campground namesake after all). To say I was “stressed” while cooking would be ridiculous since what I was rushing to get to was the sunset. But I was “hurried” plating up a nice meal of Tex Mex Chicken, Cheesy Rice, and Slaw. Timing worked out just fine and we went out to the lookout point, high above the beach, just as the show was getting started. That was my plan. Except, there were swarms of tiny unknown flying bugs up there, putting a damper on the experience and landing in my Chardonnay. So we walked all the way down a long series of steps and over a dune, in flip flops, carrying a wine glass. IMG_0115First World Problems. Worth it.

Sunday we took our time and stopped at New Brighton to dump holding tanks and have some lunch. I booked a couple more weekends in the future for this campground, noting the sites that had good solar. It’s too bad there is no dump at this campground, because we could both see spending a long time there.

Total miles: 94.7, 16.6 mpg, 3 hours 32 min. Site: 26. Best sites for space and solar in the South Loop: 14, 20, 21, 24, 25*, 26*, 27, 28, 31. Decent LTE for both of us. Water spigots nearby, fair bathrooms, no dump.

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