Brigham City

IMG_9562Reluctant as we were to leave the Tetons, I will say, we got to enjoy a very beautiful drive.  Heading south, down Highway 89, we followed the Snake River for a good long time. Eventually, the route takes you past Bear Lake and then up a significant, sustained climb. Once you finally descend, the grade is more gentle and you end up going through Logan Canyon in Utah. Wow, what a lovely area this is! In fact, overall, Utah seems to have more than its fair share of beautiful scenery.

IMG_9559We blew through the city of Logan as we exited the canyon and made our way to a one nighter in Brigham City. This place was called a “Journey KOA,” which apparently means it is geared towards one nighters. I’m not exactly sure how that is different from a regular KOA, but it was certainly cheaper. Nevertheless, they had laundry facilities, and wifi, and we took the opportunity to run a hose down the toilet to see if we could get the sensor to stop always reading “2” or “3” even when we have just dumped. The procedure worked for all of about ten minutes and it read “1.” Then we used it one time and it went back to “3.” Oh well.

One thing I’ll report on the recharging front: since Richard installed the duo solar controller, we have not had to even think about charging up the coffee battery. That is a definite win. Our electric toothbrushes on the other hand…. Richard is looking into a 12v solution for them. I did point out that I was pretty sure manual toothbrushes existed and could be used in a pinch.

Total miles: 224.7, 19.5 mpg, 5 hours 47 min.


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