Moss Landing

IMG_8641This was a birthday weekend trip for our daughter, who turned 19. The deal was that she got to spend two nights in a nice hotel in Monterey and we got to camp, and kayak, and bike around Moss Landing. Everyone was happy with that arrangement.

I don’t have a lot to report from the weekend except to say that the KOA in Moss Landing is 100% about location rather than ambiance. However, the hosts are friendly and the bathrooms are clean and there are full hookups. And seriously, otters within walking distance. I did get to go out on Elkhorn Slough and got to spot many, many otters. One of them ducked under water and popped his head back up right next to my boat. I don’t think he realized how close he was. Have you ever heard an otter gasp? I have.

Richard would have spent the day biking, but some of the roads that were partially washed away before, are now completely erased from the landscape. We are finding this to be a theme in California right now.

IMG_8659The only other thing noteworthy was that I’m glad we do not store kayaks, or bikes, or anything else on the top of the car. When I went to drop off our daughter at the hotel, I was forced to use the parking garage where the clearance was posted at 6’8″. I know for sure Dory would not have cleared that and I’m pretty sure kayaks or roof mounted bikes would not have either.

I guess I should also note that we are so used to our pack-up procedure now that we very nearly forgot to retrieve the birthday girl before heading home. Oops. At least we remembered before anything was apparent to her (and I’m pretty confident she does not read this blog). Dinner was across the street from the campground at Haute Enchilada, which is a really great restaurant, recommended by an awesome Altoiste. Now one of my favorite places. Good times.

Total miles: 107.2, 17.9 mpg, 3 hours 2 min (lots of traffic)

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