Brannan Island (2)

IMG_8216You’re probably noticing a pattern of repeat campground visits. This is true and it is because there are only so many places we can get to for weekend outings. The nice thing is that there appears to be no end to the fun things you can do, even going to the same places. For example, I got to check out the boating scene this weekend and I really only took a dip, if you will, into what is obviously a hugely popular activity in this area.

IMG_1165During the week, Richard got busy on a Dory project. The little push button latch for our bathroom door had begun to get fussy. Sometimes it took a dozen or so clicks before it would engage and unlatch, and that is not something you want from a bathroom door latch in the middle of the night. So we looked into ordering a replacement. Except we figured that eventually, the replacement would probably experience the same sort of failure. So Richard did some research and found a source for yacht parts. He got a couple in the wrong size mailed to him before getting just the right fit, but it is a beauty (yes, latches can be beautiful it turns out) and seems very solid. The install was a nerve wracking endeavor because it involved making the latch opening larger – i.e. no going back once committed. He did an excellent job and with the addition of a little piece of metal to thicken the “keeper” (where the latch catches), it is snug and has a highly satisfying click when it shuts. Nice job, Sweetie!

Here is the link for the Southco Latch:


And here is a picture of the jig Richard used to drill the holes:img_0111

And here’s how it looks and sounds in action (so satisfying):

Friday we pulled in with plenty of light because this place is just about an hour from home. We knew we’d have hookups, so we planned a microwave dinner of lasagna with french bread and cookies. IMG_8221Saturday Richard did a repeat of the Delta Loop bike ride he rode before and I went on an adventure with “Squirt,”the inflatable kayak. That was tons of fun. I went ahead and purchased the kayak backpack in order to carry everything to the launch site. Two thumbs up there because that was way easier than managing the awkward lugging necessary with the regular carrying case. I was pleased with myself for not turning upside down the instant I got in the boat from the dock, and I just started paddling along the waterway. It occurred to me that it was not only pleasant, but suspiciously easy to coast along on my way out. And sure enough, I discovered on my way back that there was a mild current. It wasn’t too bad, but I was glad to have turned back before I’d gotten very far. It was definitely more work and easily twice the time on the return journey, but at least I could tell I was making slow forward progress the whole way. If I stopped paddling, I would start going backwards after a few seconds. I shall notice currents more carefully in the future. I was also able to get out of the boat and onto the dock without flipping upside down, so I’m pretty proud of myself here.

IMG_8244Saturday night we had pancakes for dinner, with sausage, eggs, fresh berries, and shatter proof maple syrup in a bag. Delicious! Sunday we lallygagged and took a drive along the Delta Loop before heading home. That is a fascinating area. The drive is narrow and winding and hugs the waterways the whole way. There are Egrets and Herons, and some kind of big black bird that likes to perch on posts. I even spotted something with a tail swimming and diving in the water. I would like to believe that was an otter. I suppose it could have been a gigantic rat, but I’m not sure what else it could have been. Every so often, you come upon a “resort.” Mostly, this seems to mean a long established RV park with what look like full time or seasonal residents. Sometimes it seems to mean a harbor or marina, built somewhere around the 70s, that could be long term boat storage, or could be full time boat living. It’s hard to tell. But the place has a feel. It’s like what I imagine the south might look like near the Everglades. But it’s in California, about an hour from S.F. Wild.

Home again around 3. Now we start prepping for a week on the road for Spring Break! We are excited.

Total miles: 39.0, 18.1 mpg, 1 hour 13 min. Site 113 (hookups).

4 thoughts on “Brannan Island (2)

  1. Alissa, I love your writing style, when you publish your book I will be in line to buy one! I agree the button latch is a beauty. Love that your kayaking skills have developed so quickly. Dock entry is always tenuous, and exit without help from Mike has never happened for me. I am strong, I think, yet can’t seem to haul myself out of the boat. Looking at your picture I was thinking maybe I need to tie the boat somehow to the dock before attempting exit as hanging on to it distracts my effort to leave it. I have read the “how to do it” but… Now you got me thinking I should not weenie out and have Mike always help me! You probably already know, but when you are in the current hug the bank except near points. We paddle tidal creeks, creek flow plus tide flow can be daunting. We pick up our Alto in 17 days! Barbara

    1. Thank you!! And I’m excited for you! Glad to hear you say hug the banks. I did, and it seemed easier, but I didn’t know if my perception was true or just hopeful. I really benefitted from taking a lesson. That gave me tons of help and I’d like to do that again. I did tie a line to the dock (because lesson person said to). I won’t say it was easy but at least I knew I could do it before I started. Looking forward to your pick up posts! 🙂

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