Anthony Chabot (2)

img_752514 miles, a million light years away.

img_7513We are developing a strong appreciation for Anthony Chabot campground. I had a late meeting Friday, after a week packed with meetings, but this place is so close to home, we were able to get there just as darkness was falling. It made for an interesting time backing in because I was going entirely off of Richard on the walkie while trying not to run the car into the giant Eucalyptus trees lining the road. It wasn’t too bad though, and we had full hookups, so dinner was an easy peasy microwave Chicken Teriyaki over Minute Rice.

Then, it was all about nice beer, tunes on the Bluetooth speaker, and just letting it all slide away. It’s amazing what a difference getting away from home has on the psyche. I’m not sure if it would work in a hotel room. There’s something about trailering in nature that calms the soul and diverts attention back to the here and now. I slept very soundly Friday night.

img_7534Saturday we leisurely made some French Toast, showered (me), and got out and about for a bike ride after noon. We decided to try a trail marked as a bike trail to get down to Lake Chabot. We knew there was a nice paved trail that runs along the lake, but the trail to get there turned out to be… not so much a “bike trail” as a “mountain biking chute of death for pure adrenaline seekers.” It was quite steep.

We walked our bikes the last two thirds of the way down as I thought through backup plans for Richard picking me up at the marina with the car should I not be able to haul my butt back up. One thing is for sure: this would not be the route I would use to bring a 40 lb. inflatable kayak to the lake.

img_7521Our last hurdle once we got down there was a long, skinny bridge with stairs at the end. It was either cross that, or ride through a shallow stream, maybe three feet wide at the narrowest. I pondered the stream for quite a while before deciding to cross the bridge and carry my bike up the stairs. Once there, it was no problem and we were rewarded with a paved path and a lovely spot to eat lunch by the lake.

After our little picnic, we rode over to the marina. img_7529There is a nice snack shop and store there, as well as boat rentals. So noted for the future. Then we headed back so we could tackle the uphill trail allowing plenty of time before it got dark. This time, I decided not to mess around with carrying my bike down steep metal stairs by the bridge, but instead just launched right into the stream. I got wet. But I did not fall over, which was pretty much my expectation, so that turned out to be a clear win.

img_7532Yes, the way up was very steep. It is hard to capture the gradient in pictures. Richard got to be gallant and pushed both our bikes up the hard parts, which was, let’s be honest, about two thirds of the trail. That was nice. We got back with plenty of light left and had hot chocolate. Mine was “magical” hot chocolate, in that it was spiked with Creme de Menthe. Dinner Saturday was another Omnia oven pizza, with wine and more tunes. What stress? Again, Saturday was a deep, sound sleep.

Sunday, I was looking forward to Egg McMuffins with my little blue egg pan. Tragically, it turns out if you mess around too much with the plastic spatula that comes with the pan because you are trying to make an egg for Richard with no uncooked yolk whatsoever, the spatula will straight up melt, and bits of it will adhere to the pan. That was not the breakfast effect I was going for and I was grumpy about it the whole rest of the morning. However, I was also probably grumpy because Sunday means we have to go home. I’ve gotten so comfortable sleeping in Dory that there are nights at home now when I wake up to go to the bathroom and start scooting down the middle of the bed. I get confused when my hand reaches for the bathroom wall to help me up and then I realize I’m at home and can just step out at the side of the bed. We like sleeping in Dory is what I’m trying to say.

Richard rode the 14 miles home from the campground. This place is turning into a favorite spot. Full hookups with still private and spacious sites. Great cell signal so we can even get work done. Lake nearby, lots of trails. I still don’t know how I’d get a kayak down to the water, but that can be for future excursions. img_7517We made one upgrade for this trip: a plastic storage container for the fridge where all breakfast related items can be stored together. This allows quick removal of “breakfast” and less open fridge door time. Plus, the OCD in me appreciates the way the butter dish fits right over the top of the egg container.

Total miles: 14, just under an hour to get there and get all set up in the site, 40 min back home, about 14 mpg round trip. Site 11. All the premium sites are nice, though the ones closer to the bathroom are less private and closer together.

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    1. There is definitely automobile access, but you have to go kind of far out of the way to get there. You’d take Redwood all the way over to Seven Hills and then back to Lake Chabot on the West side. There are other trails from the campground to the lake, but they’re all fairly steep and I wouldn’t want to bike them or drag a kayak on them.

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