Doran Beach (2)

img_7142Wow, I really love this place. I also love my Alto buddy, Annie Wynn. So this was an awesome weekend.

Annie is full timing in her Alto (read about her adventures here) and we were able to hook up with her on her way down the California coast. One thing that is special about Annie: she has this super power where she brings rain, lots and lots of rain, with her wherever she goes. For example, she is personally responsible for the typhoon that hit the Pacific Northwest a few weeks ago. But the thing you should know about Richard is that he is personally responsible for the drought that California has been experiencing the past several years. He hates rain and has somehow managed to will it away. So it was anybody’s guess what would happen when these two were in the same place for the weekend.

img_7139At the outset, Annie was winning and we arrived to a slight drizzle. However, as soon as Richard got out of the car, it started to clear. We had shuttle chef ready and Annie came over for margaritas and dinner. Richard spread out in the back and actually got some work done. This was a happy thing for him since he had not been able to do much work in Dory before. Talking for hours with Annie was most definitely a happy thing for me.

img_7153Saturday we hosted a french toast breakfast in Dory. Then it was time for Richard to work on his project. I wanted a way to charge my iThings from my side of the bed and he had researched how to install a 12v outlet and USB charger. Annie and I slowly backed away while he got to tearing things apart and went on a nature trail around Bodega Bay. She knows quite a lot about birds, so she helped identify some of the species hanging out in the marsh. The things I have been calling “bowling pins” turn out to be White Egrets, so that’s something I now know. What she was really hoping for though was to see Pelicans.

We arrived back to see Richard on the floor surrounded by tools, but also, grinning ear to ear. He was most pleased with the little blue power indicator light on the outlet and mostly just wanted to stare at it for the rest of the day. I will say, it is a very nice installation and I can attest to the fact that it works perfectly. His happiness overpowered any chance of rain for the better part of the day and we got to enjoy sunny skies.

img_7186Then – Pelicans! So many of them! They were hanging out across the bay, but Annie and I took a walk on the little beach by our sites and they decided to fly all the way over and give her a photo op. They did an amusing dunking and bobbing thing in the water all in the same spot which looked very funny. But they probably think I look funny when I eat too. We hung out on the beach for a long time. The tide was way out and we could see dozens of seals just chillin’ on the sand bars and Annie even spotted some Brown Pelicans, her favorite.img_7182

Dinner was at the same Mexican restaurant we went to before. It is now a tradition to eat there I guess, as it is the only place we’ve ever gone to for dinner in Bodega Bay. After dinner, it was report writing time for me and Richard was again able to get some work done too. As soon as he fell asleep though, Annie’s power took over and we got pummeled with rain and wind, rocking Dory enough to wake me up in the wee hours. Everything was fine and nicely water tight, but it was an honest storm. It wasn’t until around ten, when Richard woke up, that the weather settled. I’m recounting this in a joking tone, but actually, it was a little eerie. Watch the news reports in a week and see if Death Valley is being hit with record rains. If, meanwhile, Lafayette is bone dry….. ? I’m just saying. It’s weird.

img_7190Sunday we were treated to french toast Annie style. The two Alto models have quite a different feel inside. For anyone interested in buying one, the best advice given is to actually get inside the different models. Which one you prefer will really depend on what your individual needs are. It’s cool to see different set ups being perfect fits.

Alas, eventually we had to get moving and head home. Annie gets to continue her vagabond travels and don’t think we aren’t both jealous. We’ll get to see her again as she tours California, but it sure would have been nice to just keep hanging out.img_7144

Total miles: 89.5, 16.6 mpg, 2 hours 32 min. Site 76, our favorite.


3 thoughts on “Doran Beach (2)

  1. I’m glad the Richard was able to supply some sun on an otherwise wet weekend. My powers of “generally good” weather probably won’t stand up to Annie’s super-powers but I’ll do my best as I join Annie and the two Lindas at DV. Since the monthly average precip for November is 0.2 inches, I have a fighting chance.

  2. Lovely pictures! And your positivity about all things is so refreshing! Thank you for sharing!

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