Sunset Bay

IMG_6636The day after the rally officially ended was our denouement day. We took a very long time getting up and going in the morning and it was a good thing we didn’t have far to travel. I think my original intent on reserving sites was for Richard to bike from Honeyman to Sunset Bay, but it was cold and kind of drizzly and we were both on post-rally-moving-slowly mode. So we drove it. I think we’re also both a bit blue at turning back south toward home, because eventually that will mean the end to this particular outing. We both truly love extended time in Dory. Weekends keep us going, but this is the life out here.

IMG_6630Our little bit of excitement happened after we got to our site. Sunset Bay campground has quite a few sites with pretty difficult approaches for a trailer. The paved slots come at a 90 degree angle and there is no place to pull up across from you to get a less steep approach. All things considered, we decided to unhitch and Caravan Mover into the site. When we do this, we are cognizant of trying to be very fast, since anyone who might come along would be completely blocked. Our first fun moment was when Richard unhitched just slightly before the CM rollers were engaged and Dory started rolling. It wasn’t bad, and we weren’t on a hill, but it did get our hearts beating just a bit faster. Richard grabbed all 2,000+ lbs of her and stopped the roll, and we proceeded. Once in the site, we raised the roof and got inside because we hadn’t had lunch yet. We chocked the backs of both wheels, but not the fronts, because the site sloped toward the back. As we were sitting there inside, Dory started to roll forward into a pothole. Again, it wasn’t much of a roll, but this time Bruce caught her. Thanks Bruce. Sorry about that fog light. 🙁

IMG_6640After chocking the hell out of her and stabilizing everything, we drove off to go to a wildlife viewing area. There were tons of highly audible seals lying around on rocks out in the water, but we could only barely see them in the fog. Beautiful area. Then we drove back into Coos Bay to get wifi and groceries and that is surprisingly satisfying. We also got take out Chinese food to take back to Dory. I figured, since we were at Sunset Bay, that we ought to at least try to see the sunset. After the two shots I took, a big cloud bank rolled in, so our sunset was obscured, but still perfect. We talked about life, and worry, and unpredictability. For example, for all the worrying we do, we had not thought to worry about crashing Dory after she was unhitched and parked in a campsite. And the things we have worried about have pretty much not come to pass. So worrying is pointless. Still, easier said than done. One thing we both notice when we’re out on extended trips is that it is automatically easier to live in the moment because the moments keep you very busy. It’s all good.

Total miles: 54.5, 16.1 mpg, 1 hour 53 minutes. Site A 37 (tight fit and didn’t scope out good alternatives).

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