To Crawford Notch

IMG_4390We headed West today and made it into the White Mountains of New Hampshire. It was a longer drive than we’d done so far, but it was fine. Dory still tows incredibly easily, even over really rough, bumpy roads. Everything stows securely and we’ve only had minor things dislodge so far (like the trash can fell off and the paper towels and toilet paper have come unraveled).

IMG_4391We made a stop on our way out of Acadia at a Walmart. I’ve been getting a few cricks in my back and I think it’s due to the supreme firmness of the cushions. We do like firm so we’d prefer too firm over too soft, but we knew that getting foam padding in a more substantial thickness would probably help.

It is super nice to be able to directly put things away after you go shopping. Like you can put cold things right in the fridge/freezer and dry food right into the cabinet. It also makes it so that you really don’t have to look for fast food places on the road. Dory is fully usable even with the top down, so it’s easy to make a quick sandwich or get a cold drink. The only thing you really have to look for and keep on top of is keeping the gas tank full and occasionally going grocery shopping.

We will try to remember not to go to popular tourist spots on the 4th of July weekend. We luckily were heading out and away from the rush to Acadia but I felt bad for the poor souls along the highway, just sitting there backed up for miles and miles.

IMG_4400The campground at Crawford Notch is very nice with woodsy, secluded sites. There are bike roads for Richard and I plan to play with campsite things tomorrow and just take it easy. We’re here for three nights so it will feel kind of luxurious. We’ve been having crazy amounts of fun, but I haven’t yet gotten time to write post cards or just relax. I also haven’t been in a spot with wifi at night so haven’t been able to upload blog entries. That is on the agenda for tomorrow when I go into town for lunch.

IMG_4402We got kind of a spectacular gift from a dear friend in the form of a little blue Weber grill. I had bought a grill earlier, but it’s a little big for camping. And there’s this whole blue thing I have going and it was tan. I was ok with the other grill until Weber came out with adorable little grills in colors. Including blue. I will admit I was bummed, but couldn’t show it openly given the size of problem it so clearly was. So when I opened this gift, I was absolutely floored. It’s so nice when other people solve your first world problems for you so you don’t have to embarrass yourself. Tonight we got to use it. Not particularly gourmet, but after a full day of driving, grilled hot dogs really hit the spot. We will expand our cooking adventures soon I’m sure, but this was the perfect dinner for today.

Nice day. Again.

Ok, I messed up on total miles because I forgot to zero it out at the end of the day. These totals include today (the next day after this blog entry) for about an hour of driving without Dory. So it’ll be all askew. Oh well. Total miles: 286.3, Total engine time: 7 hours, 53 minutes, 16.9 mpg.

IMG_4392 IMG_4393 IMG_4394 IMG_4395 IMG_4396 IMG_4397 IMG_4398 IMG_4401

4 thoughts on “To Crawford Notch

  1. Happy 4th of July Weekend! The Maine pictures were really pretty and you’ve had some terrifically good eats. Hope you find some back relief.

  2. Is your foam topper made of memory foam? Did you cut it yourself to conform to the irregular shape of the R1723 master bed?

    1. Yes and yes. I just washed everything and snapped a couple pictures. You can see it in the post I just put up on favorite gear. Works well, but it’s no fun getting it into the duvet cover. 🙂

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