To Woodstock

IMG_4300 Our morning today began by waking to the gentle sound of rain pattering on Dory’s roof. When actual camping, this is not a sound I tend to enjoy because it usually goes with things getting wet that shouldn’t, followed by me getting wet when I don’t want to. Safe and sound under a solid aluminum sheath, it is one of the more pleasant experiences I’ve ever had.

IMG_4302Richard made cappuccinos for me and espresso for him, using the Techimpex, and it was excellent. We brought tiny spoons and adorable blue cups to round out the full cafe mood.

We moved pretty leisurely and took care of campsite business after the rain had mostly stopped. We got out and rolling about 11:30 or so. One thing we both keep talking about is how much we love having our own bathroom in the trailer. We both take a shower every day, Richard in the evening and me in the morning. We can be pretty efficient about it and still get just as much showering joy as we do at home. The water can get so hot you really need to calm it down with a little cold. The shower curtain covers everything nicely and dries quickly as it hangs. The pressure is not as blasting as at home, but it works fine. We both tend to take “military” showers, where you get all wet. soap up, then rinse off. and that helps keep the “grey water” from filling up the tank too fast. All of this is to say: we are super happy we got the model with the shower.

One of the morning chores was to do a “dump” of the grey (shower, sink) and black (toilet) tanks. I had researched this like crazy and was all worried about it being gross. Really, it’s no big deal. It’s a matter of attaching a dump hose to the trailer and sticking it in a designated sewer connection. Then you pull out little stopper doors in the proper order (first black, then grey) to let it all flush out. It’s comforting that the last thing that goes through is soapy sink and shower water.

IMG_4306The drive today brought us all around the northeastern tip of Maine without actually entering Maine. We headed south from Riviera du Loup and went down Canadian highway 2, through New Brunswick, all the way to Woodstock. This is where we will finally begin to turn West.

It rained off and on most of the day but we stopped in a nice little place with a pretty park by a lake and I finally tried Poutine. This was something recommended to me many times before I headed out and several people have been anxiously asking whether I’ve had it yet. So yes. I can now say I’ve had Poutine. It was freshly made, very hot, and actually quite delicious. Not the best thing for one’s arteries, but it is pretty yummy in a hardy, savory way.

IMG_4308 IMG_4309 IMG_4310 IMG_4311IMG_4312 IMG_4313IMG_4314 IMG_4315IMG_4316 IMG_4317

IMG_4320 The drive felt long by the end of the day but we wanted to get close to the border crossing. So we found this place. This is not a “camping” place this evening, but rather, a place that satisfied both logistical and laundry needs. It is called Jellystone Park and is completely Yogi Bear themed. It’s a children’s wonderland, with water slides, mini golf, and “activities”. I guess it’s pretty popular.IMG_4322

Wifi continues to suck so I update when I can. Tomorrow we’ll be in the U.S. and hope our cell service will allow for a little better internet access.

Total Daily Miles: 185.3, Total Engine time: 4 hours, 33 minutes, MPG: 17.7

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    1. I really like mine. They are Aero 2 mirrors and I consider them a ‘must have’ now. I can see anyone behind me, they go on and off pretty easily, and they have not shaken loose or fallen off on the road. Thumbs up!

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