We found out the official manufacture number for Dory! She will be the 633rd Alto ever produced. We have also seen pictures taken from a tour of the Safari Condo factory and the Alto that is right now in the last stage of production is #634. So you know what that means? Dory is ready!!!

I am equal parts crazy excited and terrified. I must say, I have a fairly omnipresent sense of worry that something is going to screw this up. I’ve never waited this long for anything, including the births of my children, so it’s difficult to believe that this is going to actually happen. The last time Richard and I went away, some bad things happened right after we got back. Unrelated, sure, but un-fun nonetheless, and it’s always seemed connected as some sort of cosmic payment. We haven’t really gone away together, just the two of us, since. It’s pushing ten years at this point. However, other bad things have also happened that have clearly not been precipitated by us getting away and having fun. So there you go. Might as well have fun before the next bad thing because it will happen regardless. I’m not sure if that’s a transcendently zen acceptance of the fluid nature of life, or a nihilist and thoroughly depressing go ahead, we’re all going to die kind of perspective. Let’s say it’s the positive one. Dory would want it that way.

We have also found out that the awning we will be getting is one made by Pahaque and will look like this:


We ordered a “Front Wall” add on to go with it, which hopefully will arrive before Richard leaves. Those side walls can unroll fully and go all the way to the ground, so this will allow us to have a little private porch area. Excellent for Piyo stretching and post bike ride changing.

Time to departure: 12 days, 8 hours, 37 minutes, 20 seconds as of riiiiiiigggghhht NOW!

5 thoughts on “#633

    1. I know right? I wasn’t sold on this one until I found that out. Now I’m jazzed. Of course, if you order it yourself, you can get any color you want. 😉

    1. Sleep is not a problem because I’m exhausted. Might be nerves, or just end of year. Or both. This weekend I pack Bruce!

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