This is Bruce. He is the tow car assigned the task of not only “finding Dory” (no copyright infringement intended, Disney), but also of pulling her all the way back home. For a total trip of two oil changes’ worth of mileage, I wanted a car that would be dependable. For real. Even in Wyoming. I won’t go into the copious amount of research I did regarding Subaru Outbacks, tongue weight, CVTs, or any of the rest. Just know that I am now an inactive member of a whole lot of enthusiast forums who all served to scare the crap out of me in one way or another, until I finally just decided to go with a far more expensive option, thinking: “There! Happy?!”

He is so awesome. He is an Acura MDX with “Super Handling” (like a super hero!) AWD. I have zero regrets on this guy, as long as I don’t think about the monthly payments. And even then, the comfort factor of the seats alone makes it worth it.

Know why he is named Bruce? I’ll give you some hints: he goes with Dory, he is blue, and he has a huge toothy smile.

Ok, give up?

“Fish are friends, not food.”


Bruce will not eat Dory. Nice.

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