Santa Rosa Lake

Loop B is the primitive campground and doesn’t get you much better water views than the hookup loop.

We will be doing a series of one night stands for a few days, so blog posts will likely be short and sweet. For this stop, I was looking for a soft launch out of Santa Fe, and Santa Rosa Lake State Park fit the bill. We had time to chat with Rhea and David before leaving, and easily avoided Albuquerque before rejoining highway 40 East.

Route 66 Auto Museum (owned by James “Bozo” Cordova)

We made a quick stop in the tiny town of Santa Rosa, both for a work call and for a Dory of the Day. Then we drove the ten or so miles down to the lake. It’s a pretty little campground with boat access and interesting geology. Too bad we didn’t have the Santa Fe geologist friends with us to explain the terrain. All we knew was that it was pretty.

This is the natural “rocky” look I was going for on the front entrance to my home. Pretty, but not so great for Trick-or-treaters, nor for delivery people.

After having an early dinner of homemade leftovers, we took a trail along the lake. There is a large dam and big intake tower, visible from many points along the trail. It was about a two and a half mile hike, with well maintained rock borders or cairns to mark the trail. There were some really nice cactus blooms to decorate the landscape too.

Santa Rosa Dam

We wrapped the day with “Viva Las Vegas.” Still not converted. No rhinestone capes for us yet. Onward and eastward!

Total miles from Santa Fe: 110.1, 19.7 mpg, 2 hours 49 min. Site B3 no hookups. No potable water at dump and no handy spigots in B loop. A loop had hookups and looked like there was water for the sites. Nice trail along lakeshore. Pretty good LTE for both, but strong 5g just before going down toward the water.

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