Boise/Meridian KOA

Whatevs. If it has electricity, we’re good.

If you live in Boise, are from Boise, or love Boise, I pre-apologize for this post. I do not have an overall positive impression of this place. It did not help that the skies were a dull brownish yellow all day from wildfire smoke. Nor did it help that we were driving Interstate 84 all day long. I chose this route as a way to avoid the truck route slogs of I-80 and this wasn’t much better. Flat, dried out yellow, tons of trucks. Bleh. Sorry. I will work pretty hard in the future to completely avoid this area.


But we did enjoy the Waffle Love restaurant and the Cabela’s. We did that to let Dory’s AC kick in for a while to combat the 103º heat. The Cabela’s did not disappoint! They have a full on aquarium with live examples of all the fish you can kill if you buy their products. They also have stuffed versions of all of the animals you can shoot, with named attributions for some of them, stating who the murderers were and on what date they bagged their kill. After all the time I spent searching for moose, I could have just come to a Cabela’s!

Man, if only I’d known!

We broke up the driving day by stopping earlier at a Walmart for food shopping. I know. We are that cool. Richard was dismayed to find that the propane canisters were $4 cheaper at Cabela’s. We couldn’t think of anything to buy there and are not currently in need of bait, camouflage gear, or firearms, so we just walked around enjoying the air conditioning and facial expressions on the dead animals. I texted pictures to our daughter, partly because she is highly amusing in text form, but mostly to remind her that our return home is imminent.

This saddest otter ever sums up our daughter’s feelings about us coming home soon.

This guy can tell I am being Little Miss Judgeypants and is judging me right back.

Day 2 of 4 for long travel days. Work emails are starting to come in…. At least I’m at a lower elevation and can drink now.

Total miles from Massacre Rocks: 208.5 (all boring), 17.2 mpg, 5 hours 42 min with a super exciting stop at Walmart in the middle. KOA. Site 11. Whatever.

9 thoughts on “Boise/Meridian KOA

  1. The only good thing I can say about Boise is that the people at the hospital were very nice when we spent the evening there having my daughter’s gushing nosebleed taken care of. Which is worse Cabelas or the hospital? Tough choice!

    1. Um no, Cabela’s sounds way better than that. Yikes! And yes, people are very nice there. Except how the truckers drive.

  2. I’ve managed to avoid Boise, and now I realize I didn’t miss anything, so thanks for taking one for the Alto team there. And love the Cabela tour description – the aquarium line still has me laughing!

    1. You definitely don’t need to make a trip to Boise. Even in the Oregon Outback we were saying, “It’s better than Boise.”

  3. LOL. I too have been to/through Boise and it was hot and yellow and boring and full of semi trucks and pickups with gun racks, and people not wearing masks.

    I went into a Cabela’s about 10 years ago I’m still scarred by the experience.

  4. But I will say that all of John’s family members I met there were super nice (mostly liberal leaning). They grew up hunting so I don’t judge. I just didn’t enjoy having an entire day’s worth of Northwest Trek animals, stuffed in front of my face while I was just harmlessly shopping for items to put in my disaster emergency safety kit..

    1. Yeah it is kind of the antithesis of wonderful Northwest Trek isn’t it? I’m sure hunters can be nice people. I just can’t wrap my head around it all.

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