Half Moon Bay (10)

Superb launch location

I think it’s safe to claim that most teachers were extra appreciative of the arrival of Spring Break. Finally, I had a chance to fully adjust to the DST time change and all systems were go for a long and isolated week along the remote Big Sur coast.

How to make Richard’s day: “Hey, want to ride to the campground from here?”

We got in a head start on Friday because I needed to take the day off anyway so that I could meet with the contractor to go over plans for the ADU. That meant we were able to leave around one. The weather was gorgeous, and we took advantage by dropping Richard off in Pacifica so that he could ride the rest of the way to meet me in the campground.

Higgins Canyon Road

Our first stop of the week was in Half Moon Bay, which is always perfect. I planned it for two nights so that I could knock out classwork before heading into no cell service territory and that worked quite well. While I was researching school related mental health issues on Saturday, Richard was tending to his own mental health by getting in a good ride down to Pescadero and back.

We get to have a whole week of this.

Packing for 9 days of Spring Break takes skilled planning and I again find myself noticing how nice the 4.3 cu ft fridge is in Dory2. We can fit 5 Blue Apron recreations, 3 Bertoli frozen pan dinners, and a couple of frozen Chicken Cordon Bleus in there, with room to spare for daily milk, yogurt, baby carrots, deli meats and cheeses, and of course a couple bottles of Chardonnay. We have acquired an impressive collection of specialty sauces, like Romesco and Mango Chutney, for example. We eat really well while camping.


I got my fill of cell service and we headed out on Sunday with a full freshwater tank, empty waste tanks, topped up batteries, and a heads up to our daughter that we were going to be incommunicado for at least three days.

I can already feel my brain re-wiring. So nice.

*Addendum: Note to selves to always always call Tres Amigos to make sure they have Churros *before* getting excited and walking to Tres Amigos for Churros.

Total miles: 51.9, 2 hours 6 min, 17.0 mpg. Site 25 hookups. Great dump, but now you have to pay for it. Excellent cell service.

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