Samuel P. Taylor (5)

Redwoods camping

This weekend was so therapeutically relaxing, I forgot to take pictures. I made Richard take pictures on the drive home to prove we went somewhere. I got good news in the health arena last week, and felt myself release a huge amount of the tension that has been with me since December. I feel I’ve dodged a bit of a bullet actually. Relief turns out to be just as motivating as fear when it comes to making lifestyle changes. Since December, I’ve taken off a good chunk in “oh sh*t” weight, and can now slow it down and work on making sustainable changes that don’t make me mad. That’s a very good place to be. Extra bonus: it is a little bit easier to get my fat ass into my side of the dinette area. I look forward to that just getting easier and easier.

Very nice campground

Samuel P. Taylor has excellent cell service for ATT. It was so good, that I was able to plan out our next summer adventure and even get some reservations secured. That kept me very busy on Saturday, until I took a break and met up with a couple of Altoistes who live in my town. It’s funny that they had to travel to come find me, but that’s how I roll. Weekday time is pretty much spoken for, so if you’re looking to chat, you’ll have to catch me while camping.

Nicasio Reservoir looking nice and full

Lisa and Fred are awaiting the build of their very own Alto and wanted to ask some specific questions. We also got to hang out and swap names of people we know in common. It will be fun to have another Alto rolling around my town! I very much enjoyed the time with them and it’s exciting to think about picking up an Alto in Quebec. What an adventure this has been. And who knew a little aluminum trailer could so transform my life and bring me into contact with so many interesting people.

Richard spent the day Saturday biking the Nicasio loop ride and said that there were many, many bikies out there. In the afternoon, I got to jump onto a surprise birthday Zoom for a very dear coworker, right from Dory. Note to self: if I need a campground with good enough ATT to Zoom, this one works. And Happy Birthday, Lynne! You are the best!

California looking nice and green

For dinner, I made a Blue Apron re-creation with a low sodium, low calorie, stir fry, using cauliflower rice. And I was able to actually find cauliflower rice in the store, proving that lots of people already know how to do this and I can totally ride their coattails. Look at me go!

Dory looking nice and clean

Lastly, Dory got a much needed bath when we got home, inside and out. I’ve learned that when we need to drive somewhere to dump, if I forget to plug the shower drain, grey water will slosh and end up on the floor. And since the floor is covered in Chilewich carpet, the water spreads itself around under there. All of it had to come out for a good washing. Luckily, washing Chilewich is as simple as hosing it down. All clean now. Ready to get dirty next weekend.

Total miles: 61.1, 17.0 mpg, 2 hours 19 min avoiding highways as much as possible and taking Lucas Valley Road. Site 46. Nice. Super shady so no solar anywhere in the campground. No hookups. No dump. Dump at Olema for $20 (but remember to put in the shower plug next time). Excellent ATT. Good, but not as good as mine, Verizon.

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