Badger Park

32D40896-ABAF-41A2-80E4-BE5B0FED8809This stop was a cute little park in Peshtigo, WI, an hour north of Green Bay. From here to Badlands, we will probably be finding places right along the highway. It’s nice when the places are actual parks rather than RV parks, but we are not going to be picky about it. I’m sure there will be KOAs along the route too.

346473B9-D340-4797-A87D-B808A43F61B7I think we’ve seen three Great Lakes on this trip: Huron, Superior, and now Michigan. We remain very impressed with the greatness. Standing at the top of Lake Michigan, we realized Chicago is also on the same body of water, a mere 289 miles away. That’s a really big lake.

We crossed into Wisconsin today and will soon be barreling west along highway 90. I hear tell there is a SPAM museum out there, so we’ll see if we can find gems like that on our way.

D13263C3-A53D-4F19-A00E-A53B3B59C6C2I’m experimenting now with insect repellant clothing, in lieu of putting up a bug shelter. An Altoiste recommended something called Permathrin, which we purchased about a year ago and didn’t use. I’m not sure if it will still be effective, but I figure it’s worth a shot. I treated a pair of pants and a shirt and I shall see if it seems to make any difference. We both hate wearing bug spray and Deet and all that, but this stuff has no apparent smell. Hoping that doesn’t correlate with no apparent effect.

5757AD35-442C-417B-9475-586BAAD62F72We ended the day with a little visit to the river by the park and a walk in the woods behind the campground. There were little froggies hopping around and a couple of deer rushing off to some important deer task. Very peaceful. I wouldn’t say it was a destination campground, but it was a pleasant place to stop with clean bathrooms and a little woodsy oasis feel.

Total miles: 223.7, 16.2 mpg, 5 hours 16 min. Site 13. Clean bathrooms, showers, kids playground. River access with swimming beach. WiFi sort of; very slow but it’ll get you email. 4 bars LTE for Verizon, 2 bars LTE for ATT.

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