Sunset SB (4)

IMG_1421Our fourth stay at Sunset State Beach was filled with our usual biking/kayaking agenda, plus a couple of planned tours. With an Alto, once you start giving a tour, all the other people in the campground who were curious but too polite to ask, will then approach. We are thinking we should make a sign saying: “Yes, you can ask for a tour.” and put it up during designated office hours.

IMG_1423Nothing hugely new to report. There was one particular otter in Elkhorn Slough who was quite rambunctious. He/she seemed young and curious and went around trying to pull dangling straps off some of the kayaks in the water. At one point, he/she totally came straight at me, dived under the kayak, and pushed the bottom of my boat with his/her adorable little paws before popping up on the other side. I imagine later he/she totally bragged about it ala “I touched the butt.” from Finding Nemo. Generally, you try to keep your distance from the wildlife (which is why most of my pictures are fuzzy and you can’t tell there’s an otter there). In this case, it was not possible to avoid, and that was pretty fun. Here’s a video where you can almost see him/her (because apparently this is now an otter based blog):

Richard meanwhile had a great ride on San Andreas, to Larkin Valley, to Buena Vista. From Sunset, we headed off to Half Moon Bay for a one nighter.

I forgot to take driving data, but we’ve been there a bunch and nothing was much different. Site: 27. View of the ocean, great solar. Kind of unlevel, but we raised the tongue to its max and that worked fine. Good LTE again for both of us.

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