Colusa-Sacramento River SRA (2)

IMG_1339This was our second visit to Colusa. It’s funny how much your perception can change based on circumstances. The first time we were here, it seemed a funny little place with not much to do. At that time, it was in the heart of the drought and it was hot and we were there for the weekend. This time around, it was the absolute perfect stopover, breaking up the long drive up to Ashland.

We came from Monterey and had already gone a little over a hundred miles on the day before heading north from home. We had thought to stop at a little private RV park on the 505 where I saw my first ever Alto in person. That felt like a nice act of closure going there with our own Alto. But on arrival, we learned it would be $68 for a site for the night, and it’s not like the place was anything great. I wasn’t tired yet, so we pushed on.

IMG_1338We arrived at Colusa around 5pm and were greeted by the camp host, who said we could just pull in to whatever place we liked for $15. Deal! It wasn’t full and we’ve heard it doesn’t ever fill up. There are a couple of sites with hookups, but we didn’t need it. It’s safe, cheap, never full, and there’s a dump. Pull the privacy curtains and fire up the rear screen projector. Perfecto!

Total miles (from Monterey): 215.9, 15.2 mpg, 4 hours 56 min.

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