Bodega Dunes (2)

IMG_1153I love quiet, misty weekends. This was a cozy outing to a place we should visit more often. Our site had good solar, good cell service, and enough space that you feel private even when an interesting neighbor with no sleeping bag or tent is in the site next to you.

We got a break from the rain long enough for Richard to bike while I wrote a report Saturday morning. IMG_1163In the afternoon, we hiked out to the beach. The trail there helped us understand the “dunes” part of the campground name. It was beautifully misty at the beach and there were very few people out. For dinner, we went to our standby Mexican place, La Bodegita.

Sunday, we hitched up and stopped at a local favorite bakery, Wild Flour Bread Bakery, which has only recently reopened after a car ran through it’s wall. IMG_1165It’s worth the stop for sure! There were piles of fresh loaves and delicious scones stacked high on a huge counter. After putting in our order, we realized they only took cash and I was about to send Richard back to the car. Instead, they issued us a handwritten IOU and said we could come back or mail a check. Wow. I can’t recall the last time I’ve seen something like that. We came back with cash, and bought more Meyer Lemon/cherry/blueberry/rhubarb scones. OMG.

We tried out a new floor mat in the bedroom area that I’ve decided I like. So we’re getting more to cover the rest. IMG_1156It’s made by Chilewich and it’s their indoor/outdoor mat line. The material looks like a low nap shag rug, but the threads are tiny, looped strands of something synthetic, so it will wear well and have the ability to be hosed off when it gets dirty. As for sand or dirt, it falls down into the loops so as to maintain a nicer look and cleaner feel on your bare feet. Also, it provides an effective layer of insulation on the otherwise chilly floor.

The only other mildly interesting thing to report is that a woman sort of camped in the site next to us with no apparent camping gear. I think she just laid down on the ground, on top of a big scarf. In the morning, she asked me if I knew of a store nearby where she could buy a sleeping bag or tent (that seemed to be a new thought). We secretly speculated a little on what would bring someone to a campground with no camping gear, and then decided everyone has some kind of amazing story behind how they got where they are. I kind of regret not having asked her.

It was a pretty laid back, peaceful weekend. Just the thing after a week of progress reports.

I didn’t take data this time, but we got the same gas mileage as usual for this area; around 14.9. We both had good LTE. Nice bathrooms, good dump. Sites 60, 61, 67, 68 are still nice. 71 has a water view, but is right by the road.


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